PDB for Windows
Summary of Features

- Windows Application: Powerful multi-user desktop application for Windows.

- Query and Analysis: Powerful query, analysis and reporting functions let you see the state of your market at a glance.

- User Management: Control exactly what information individual users can see, and which features they can access.

- Distributed Architecture:
Allows remote or mobile sales personnel to exchange data wherever they are.

- Multi-source data importing: Import sales data from your chosen Data Supplier(s).

...and much more!

PDB for Windows 2000/XP

Project Database for Windows
is designed for the power users within your company who really want to analyse the market place.

It's also ideal as the basis of a centralised marketing operation. Whether you prefer mailshots, e-mailshots or direct telesales, Project Database can manage your opportunities.

Your company's efficiency, and your customers' view of you, will improve rapidly using Project Database's abilities to automate routine tasks, track activities and ensure that everyone in your company is automatically shown the latest situation regarding their own specific customers.

Track construction projects as they move from design through specification to contracts awarded   Easily manage the complex relationships between projects, companies and contacts.   Simple analysis and reporting of anything and everything you want to know
Create and save powerful multi-level queries to allow you to focus on the relevant information.   Import sales lead data from your chosen Data Supplier. PDB is capable of importing data from most of the major suppliers of construction sales data.   Use the automated Batch utility to synchronise data with a distributed sales force.


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